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Nalewajk Żaneta

(University of Warsaw), (born 1977), PhD hab., literature historian, comparativist. Co-founder and editor-in-chief (since 2005) of the literary quarterly Tekstualia. She works in the Section of Comparative Studies at the Faculty of Polish Philology at the University of Warsaw. Since 2009 she has been the Polish coordinator of the translation exchange in a project called “Review within Review”. She is the author of the monographs: W stronę perspektywizmu. Problematyka cielesności w prozie Brunona Schulza i Witolda Gombrowicza (2010) and Leśmian międzynarodowy – relacje kontekstowe. Studia komparatystyczne (2015). She also was a co-editor of monographs titled Edgar Allan Poe. Klasyk grozy i perwersji (i nie tylko) (2009), Edgar Allan Poe – niedoceniony nowator (2010), Romantyzm Drugiej Wielkiej Emigracji (2012), and Sekundy (i) epoki. Czas w literaturze polskiej po 1989 roku (2013), as well as of the book Rytm twórczego życia. Jubileuszowe rozmowy o literaturze (2013). She was the editor of the works Podmiot w literaturze polskiej po 1989 roku. Antropologiczne aspektykonstrukcji (2011) and Metody i metodologia. Metodologia ogólna, nauki humanistyczne, wiedza o literaturze(2017). She has published numerous articles in collective works and magazines. Her texts have been translated into English, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Czech, Slovenian and Serbian. She has been a guest lecturer at the University of Amsterdam, Charles University in Prague, Paris-Sorbonne University and Stanford University. She has received several academic awards, both in Poland and abroad. She has also been awarded for her editorial work. She is a member of the Central Board and the Presidium of the Polish Writers’ Association, the Polish Comparative Literature Association and the Adam Mickiewicz Literary Society. E-mail:

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